TermoCod ®

Temperature Under Control

TermoCod ® RFID solution for the control and traceability of temperatures during the transport of blood components and other thermosensitive products. Designed for easy and intuitive handling, it allows the user to download the temperature curve from a PC or mobile device quickly, alerting both user and the supply centre in case of exceeding the established ranges.

Specially created for articles related to hemotherapy: blood components, samples, reagents, etc

Mobile systems for the management of blood components delivery.

Compact RFID loggers. Contactless temperature reading through PC, PDA or Smartphone.

Temperature curve available at any time of the process. Immediate receipt in the supply centre and downloaded data to the destination.

Alarms based on time and temperature exposure of components aiding support to decision-making.

Logistic management of refrigerators and temperature stabilizers.

Dispatch History, unit tracking and bespoke statistical reports.

Centralized installation, highly scalable and integrated with other computer systems.

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