Controls data and allows communication between programs and analyzers.

The LIB (Lab Integration Bus) solution is middleware designed to allow bidirectional connection between analysers and information systems: (LIS, blood bank programs, etc.).

Centralization of laboratory communications in a single environment, without having to make a point-to-point connection between each of the parties.

Simplifies integration monitoring and lab’s communications management. Uses a common framework to Standardize suppliers’ activities.

Connectors to support the communication of any Analyzer to the standards used in the clinical context (HL-7, ASTM, XML, RS-232, RS-485, text).

Provides a warning system prior to incidences for immediate attention.

Centralized database of all tests, results, reagents and analyzers managed in the laboratory.

Activity listings, statistics, KPI’s and performance indicators to assess and optimise the activity of the laboratory.

Designed to protect the data safety being managed, preventing its use in uncontrolled environments.

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