HemoCod ®

Integral solution for the control of transfusion, from donor to patient

It combines on the one hand a blood bank management software, HemoCod® Blood Manager, which guarantees the safety of products from donation to shipment, a cell therapy management module, HemoCod® Stem Cell Manager, and, on the other, a control system of the clinical and hemovigilance area, HemoCod® Patient Safety, based on identification wristbands and mobile devices, which extends safety to the patient’s bedside, the main focus of transfusion errors.

Discover the modules inside the HemoCod solution®

HemoCod® Patient Safety

HemoCod® Patient Safety is a solution for active hemovigilance in the patient’s bedside.

Through mobile devices and monitoring panels, it allows to increase the security and traceability of all the processes related to the transfusion that happen outside the blood bank: from the prescription and registration of sample extraction, to the security control and closure of the transfusion at the foot of the bed.

HemoCod® Blood Manager

HemoCod® Blood Manager is a software designed by and for blood banks. Its function is to facilitate the management of the transfusion chain, from donation to transfusion.
Committing to automation in the flow of information and in the establishment of security locks, HemoCod® Blood Manager exponentially increases the safety, traceability and efficiency of the laboratory. In this way, it facilitates compliance with current regulations and accreditation entities.

HemoCod® Stem Cell Manager

HemoCod® Stem Cell Manager is a hematopoietic progenitor transplant management system. It allows to manage the different types of donation, analysis and processing, as well as their storage, distribution and transfusion in the patient’s bedside. This solution has been developed following the guidelines of JACIE (Joint Accreditation Committee ISCT EBMT).

HemoCod® Donor APP

HemoCod Donor APP is an application for promoting donation. It works independently or well integrated with the rest of the HemoCod system and provides Blood Banks / Donation Centers with an effective tool to have direct communication with their donors and thus work on their loyalty and donation promotion.

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