HemoCod® Patient Safety

Leading solution in active haemovigilance at patient bedside

Through mobile devices and monitoring panels, it allows to increase the safety and traceability of all transfusion-related processes that occur outside the blood bank: From the prescription and registration of sample extraction, to the safety control and closure of the transfusion at the foot of the bed.

Eliminates human error in manual data identification and transcription processes. Also allowing addions of physical security to the process.

Providing an updated image of transfusional activity outside of the blood bank and allowing detection of almost all transfusional errors.

Avoiding risks of overtransfusion, ensuring proper management and reducing component disposal.

On all processes performed outside the transfusion service.

Standardized processes increasing safety.

Facilitates regulations compliance and prepares the Center for quality accreditations.

high adaptability allows its installation in any centre, regardless of its infrastructurere systems.

We present the two devices capable of exponentially increasing patient safety.

HemoCod® Banda

HemoCod® Banda is the most effective identification system for transfusion. It is the transfusional safety bracelet that identifies, under the same code, patient, pretransfusional sample and laboratory aliquots.

Guardian®, the new ally of haemovigilance

The Guardian® A new level of security for the blood transfusion process. A physical block on blood components that is released only in the presence of the indicated recipient and under the appropriate condition parameters.

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  • Safety system functions by a physical block of blood components.
  • Ensures the realization of the electronic crosscheck between the recipient and the product at patient bedside.
  • Control in real time. The system notifies the transfusion service in case of an erroneous identification.
  • Temperature control. From unit issuance to unlocking the device.
  • Blocking transfusion in cases of blood temperature parameter breach, exposure and/or unsafe times.
  • Statistics of time and temperatures, by product and service.
  • Compatible with RFID/NFC transfusion safety systems.

Extend the safety and traceability of HemoCod® to the administration of pharmacological therapies with FarmaCod®

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