Development and innovation, our core values.

Innovative and state-of-the-art solutions.

Our in-house team of specialists are able to offer these services.


With our innovative character and our commitment to R&D&I, the software solutions we offer are in-house self-developed. Specializing in Web solutions, mobility systems, Android and RFID technology, we use the latest technologies to give you cutting-edge and durable solutions.


Meeting the needs of our clients are the foundations of all our software and technology implementation projects. Our teams have extensive experience in hospital and healthcare processes, laboratory and notably in blood bank.


We work hand in hand with our clients in the implementation processes, to ensure that the projects complies 100% with the desired outcomes in the established deadlines.


We offer a personalized training service, adapted to each one of the different levels of user. In this way we guarantee the success of the solution implementation, and at the same time we generate confidence over its use.


We consider the different local realities that operate at each installation. Therefore our specialists work closely with users to tailor the solution to its best performance potential, fully adapted for optimum use.


With the objective of offering maximum support and attention possible, we offer three different support format plans that guarrantee a quick, efective and quality post service assistance: helpline, remote and in situ assistance.


Installation is just the beginning. Our solution platforms are continually evolving offering new functionalities and improving efficiencies.

Third Party Services

Technology Consultancy – based on the client’s needs, we develop solution based proposals on the most suitable technology platforms.

Development of Web environments, mobility systems, Android apps and RFID-enabled systems.

Implementation of Go-Live Project Management Hospital Information Tecnology (H.I.T.) solutions. We take care of the organization between organizations, manage the installation, and training for various user types, supervision at the Go-Live and ongoing follow-up.

Connectivity services between the information systems and the analyzers.

Support helpline, remote assistance and on-site staff.

MAINTENANCE services for installation and updates.

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