HemoCod ® Stem Cell Manager

Hematopoietic progenitor transplant management system.

Allows the management of different types of donation, analysis and processing, and their storage, distribution and transfusion at patient’s bedside. This solution has been developed under the guidelines of JACIE (Joint Accreditation Comittee ISCT EBMT).

Exponential increase in the safety of the donor and the patient.

Of products, patients, donors and processes carried out during the donation, processing and transplant.

Codification and labeling of samples, papers, products in process and finished following ISBT128 standards.

Intensive use of barcodes and RFID as objective identification systems.

Integration and communication with analyzers and other information systems.

Standardized processes increase safety.

Facilitates compliance with current regulations and prepares the Centre for quality accreditations.


  • Donor and donations management.
  • Analysis and processing.
  • Inventory and logistics.
  • Patient management and transplant procedures.
  • Transfusion closure and adverse event notification.
  • Control of the clinical area by HemoCod® Patient Safety.

Extend safety and traceability to a patient’s bedside with HemoCod® Patient Safety

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