HemoCod ® Blood Manager

System designed to get the most out of the blood bank

Its function is to facilitate the management of the transfusion chain, from donation to transfusion.
Committing to automation in the flow of information and in the establishment of security locks, HemoCod® Blood Manager exponentially increases the safety, traceability and efficiency of the laboratory. In this way, it facilitates compliance with current regulations and accreditation entities.
It is structured in two modules: Donors and Patients

Exponential increase in donor and patient safety.

Of products, patients, donors and processes performed in blood bank.

Samples, documentation, products in process and finished following the ISBT128 standard.

Intensive use of barcodes and RFID as objective identification systems.

Integration and communication with analyzers and other information systems.

Reduction of workload on staff, improvement in blood delivery times and donor care, reduction of component waste and minimum inventory reserves.

Standardized processes increase security.

It facilitates compliance with current regulations and prepares the center for quality accreditations.

“This project has been co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), within the 2014-2020 Intelligent Growth Operational program, with the aim of enhancing research, technological development and innovation

Donor Module

  • Donor and donation management.
  • Analysis and processing.
  • Safe blood release.
  • Labeling of samples, documents and products (ISBT128).
  • Logistics and inventory.

Patient Module

  • Patient file management.
  • Compatibility analysis.
  • Security locks for shipping products.
  • Closure of the transfusion and notifications of adverse events.
  • Control of the clinical area by HemoCod Patient Safety.

Extend safety and traceability to a patient’s bedside with HemoCod® Patient Safety

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